Spirit Of Lagos

Between 2007 and 2011, The Fashola Administration had been doing a lot of infrastructural development in Lagos State but realized that Lagosians were not fully embracing the improved physical changes to the city.

TBWA CONCEPT was invited to take a stab at the challenge. We realized that changing the infrastructural landscape of the city was just one half of the solution. What we really needed to do was change the way people think about Lagos.

Our creative idea was to form a movement called the Spirit of Lagos, under which we inspire Lagosians to take ownership and responsibility in transforming Lagos and ensuring the legacy continues. The campaign currently runs across TV, radio, print, experiential, PR and digital media.

So far the campaign has generated a significant level of awareness given the nature of the message and challenge to the public to essentially stop, review and change their ways.

This awareness has been converted to interest as witnessed in the selfless work being championed by those who exemplify the Spirit of Lagos in their communities. Spirit of Lagos has also steadily grown communities, both virtual and real as the momentum builds up.