In a condom market dominated by foreign brands in the premium category, the gold circle condom band faced an uphill challenge when they wanted to launch their new aspirational brand – Sexicon.

The research we conducted uncovered a humongous goldmine – 63% of Millennials, 69% of Gen Xer’s and 75% of Boomers were not having particularly noteworthy sex, primarily because of a lack of connection and communication. In many instances, couples grew up with sex being sometimes dirty, wrong, or shameful, so when it comes to actually talking about it openly, there is a lack of comfort or acceptability.

To address this problem we created The Sexicon App - An interactive platform that provides information on sex related issues in a fun and engaging way. It also coaches people on how to approach conversations around sex.

The business objectives were to build a strong online presence, build equality and affinity for the brand, and position the brand as a repository brand of knowledge on relationship and sex matters.