“Sibs” (nickname given to him by his most loving client). We don’t know what they were doing when that came up but…

So, as we were saying, Osibo does have the weirdest career experience over the last decade and a bit more, across brand management and project management.

Weird because he used to be a client at UNIDO, GlaxoSmithKline East Africa, Diageo Nigeria & Ghana and Opera Software, Norway. But he’s chosen to come lead Business development in an agency and in the process has added a few more jeans and t-shirts to his wardrobe He’s also one of the very few people to have seen the Northern Lights.

Aurora Borealis as well as having climbed MT Kenya… a very long time ago. To be honest, we don’t know why this is important, but he wants it’s on here so please indulge us.

He does bring in the money after all, you see…

FUN TRIVIA: Osibo claims some royalty in the Benin Kingdom but is too far from the home (212th in the line) to have any chance of staking a claim. He’s asked for us to come up with a campaign to promote his candidacy for the throne, but he has no budget… we don’t do that sort of business.