Kelechi is old. Well, older than everyone we know. Rumor has it, the character “Bert Cooper from the MAD MEN TV Series was inspired by him. Yea he’s that old

But he’s wise and has been around the industry a long time with almost 3 decades of marketing communications experience cutting across Media & advertising. He currently is in charge of a group of Marketing Communication firms including FUSE, Red Media & TBWA\ CONCEPT.

So from times to time. We wheel him out and do a consultation, at the price of a bowl of isi-ewu accompanied by a red wine & sprite cocktail Red wine and sprite…sigh! Don’t ask. We did and got a 2hour lecture, first of a 5 part series

FUN TRIVIA: To get that smile from KC, we had to put a picture of a tall blonde Dutch air hostess in front of him. Feel free to use this info as you will. We have his wife’s phone number if you require it.