The Disruption® Company

We develop business-changing, culture-defining and award-winning ideas for brands. And we’ve got the hardware to prove it.

We are not a traditional ad agency network —we are a radically open creative collective. We look at what everyone else is doing and strive to do something completely new. Completely ownable. We live and breathe Disruption, and for more than two decades that's been the secret to our clients' unprecedented success.



TBWA 5 Harold Shodipo Crescent
GRA Ikeja, Lagos.



About Us

Who We Are

We began life as Concept Unit in 1984, with the single-minded vision to place and keep Nigeria on the World Map of Advertising. Started with no clients but in the last 3 decades we've built a portfolio that includes some of the most outstanding brands in Nigeria.

In 2000, we partnered with a like-minded global network TBWA which allowed us to play more on the world stage.

How We Work

Disruption & Media Arts At TBWAConcept, we have always found the status quo a miserable motivator for new ideas and creatives As they say, sometimes you have to rock the boat, that's how you dislodge it from the sand.

The Disruption philosophy drives our thinking and we continue to change the rules in order to give our clients a larger share of the future. If Disruption is our way of generating vision/ideas for growth then Media Arts is our way of bringing these disruptive ideas to the market.


Our philosophy has always been based on the premise that middle of the road gets you nowhere..except maybe the Accident & Emergency Room.

Mediocre work always leaves one with a sense of what might have been and we have always believed that mediocrity is what slowly kills the spirit of an agency.

So before you know it, average has become your benchmark.

However, at TBWACONCEPT we believe that your work should always be Relevant but Unexpected.

Relevance will ensure that it is on Strategy. The unexpected part will ensure the consumer takes the time to pay Attention.

This unexpectedness also helps you build Memorable and Iconic brands because you have to break the rules of the category.


  • Strategic Brand and Communication Consultancy Advertising Conceptualization
  • Design and Production
  • Collateral Design and Production
  • Media Planning and Buying Events
  • Public Relations